poniedziałek, 19 lipca 2010

Hi ,

I found interesting post ... 23 year old male grew one inch in 3 months , he was doing hypnosis.

I think everyone should read it.
I exactly agree with this boy because when I was doing my meditation and hypnosis in deeply relax state I feel it works. You must feel good during this and enjoy it. If you use hypno cd don't think of anything but just focus on word that are spoken , just let them to planted in your mind , accept suggestions. Your mind create a new pattern , a new image of you at your ideal height, so your taller body will exist in the subcouncious mind and when you're deeply a sleep your mind have a instructions and your taller body will take form to visible form. Just trust and hold your image of your ideal body.

Today is the first day that I'm continuing my height increase routine and I expect gain another inch ;)


niedziela, 18 lipca 2010

I've tried doing hypnosis and Zixia's breathing practice. And after one month I noticed that I'm one inch taller and my foot are almost one size bigger. I felt pain in my knee and ankle and I was hungry all the time. I belive that we're the master of our body. But during next two months I didn't grew more. I need some motivation so why I decided to write this blog.
My little goal is evidence to me that when we deeply desire something we can achieve it. The growth was after puberty and growth plate closed. I was doing meditation that I'am able to reactive my growth cells.
My dad joked ,, You are taller a little about 2 cm . '' But I didn't tell anyone about my routine .

So I'm again starting doing my height increase routine. Start with me today !
Together we can do more. So write your experience, your ideas, questions.

Happy growth:)

poniedziałek, 12 lipca 2010

Hi guys!

You can read true story about success hypnosis for height increase : http://www.hypnosis2height.com/.

We have a few ways to increase height , I choose the hypnosis,meditation and deep faith , I'm Christian so mostly I rely on God and intelligence our mind.

So le't make the first step!
You should read ,,The power of subcouncious mind '' and ,,Secret'' because it's explain the connection beetwen body and mind.
When you eat something you don't think about the process in your body , but your body knows what to do you , you don't think all the time that you must breath but it's clear that you are breathing. You do it because you have intelligence , power and everyone have the same laws , this laws are from God.Growing is the part of life , you grew from one cell to your nowadays height. Growing is a good process , we are connect with animals , plants because they also growing.
You should realase that YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY. Your thoughts influence on relase hormones and many processes in body. You can change your body , if you change your mind! You can return to growth . How ? You have to belive that it is possible for you , hold in your mind the image of you with right height , feel gratidiutethat with the feelings that is now your reality. You can stimulate your pituitary gland to relase growth hormone with your thought about your new body. You can re-open the fused growth plate , your mind remembers what to do in growth process, because you was in this process. You can produce this same cells in your bones when you was a small child. Everything is possible If you really want it and have no doubts. Some people experience miracle when they healing from cancer for example , but doctors can't explain this. You should know that we are part of God , our mind is the part of God and body and we have totally mastry on body.

You don't have any limitation. Memorise the feelings when you was a child, when your body was growing easly ... and decide to return to growth. Decide to be in this fresh , young body , that is still growing with growing cells. Stop feel that you are the victim , you have power and intelligence to do every changes in your body , especially easily return to growth , beacuse your subcouncious mind remember and knows how to do this process.

Take care :*

piątek, 9 lipca 2010

Decide with me to change life!

Hi everyone.
This is my first blog , I decided to start this because I want to share with my goal.
You can name me Miranda , I don't want write my real name. I'm almost 20 years old girl live in Poland , so sorry for my poor english , but I'm still learning so I think it will be better by some time.
My blog is for people ,who are feel worse because the don't have good height. We can share with our experience and new ideas , everything about height.
I decided to INCERASE MY HEIGHT. My inspiration is Zixia ,she grew 4 inches after puberty. You can read about her on : http://zixialinmm.blogspot.com/2006_08_01_archive.html .
She didn't write on her blog posts long , so I want to continue her work. I know how it's to feel be shorter than everyone , everywhere where you're going. Feel worse all the time , feel sad when you see yourself in the mirror...But some voice deep inside me tells : ,,Stop crying! Don't worry ! The world is waiting for you , you can change your life!'' . I find Zixia's blog and it very inspired me. I also read a ,,The power of subcouncious mind'' Joseph Murphy and ,,Secret '' Rhonda Byrne. And I realize that everything is affected by our thoughts, emotions , feelings. I also find a program for height increase Dr Laura Di Giorgio throught the hypnosis... I belive that our body is in mind. And we can change body when we change mind. So let's start together a new point of view on life , let's start together doing everythng for height increase.My goal is 5-6 inches. Could you imagine how can change your life If you be xx inches taller? How can people treat you differently and how change your feelings about yourself , how change your behaviour?